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Pegasus company established in the year 1972 by Ioannis Chatziperoglou, having as a main goal the promotion of artifacts related to the Greek History.
Due to the special origin of the family ( Constantinople now Istanbul), the company was not just a mean of livehood but a struggle to reconnect with its roots
as to rescue the long Greek Tradition. Now, its activities occupy a vast field in which a particular place belongs to the constuction of traditional musical instruments.
Our shop is the first to deal with musical instruments in the Historic area of Plaka in Athens. Since then it contributed significally not only to the rescue but also
to the promotion of greek music, as every year thousand visitors from all over the world make a stop in our place and interact with greek musial culture.
Nowadays, our shop deals with the promotion of every kind of musical instruments, always having as a priority the construction of traditional musical instruments.
Our workshop produces a reasonable quantity of excellent quality musical instruments, always contstructed with the unique traditional techniqu, carefully selected material
and flawless finishing.
In our website, you have the advance to take a look at many products, and among them, those which are constructed by us and bear our name, Pegasus.
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A. Hatziperoglou & Co
26 Pandrosou St
10556 Plaka
Athens, Greece

Tel. 0030 210 3242036
Fax. 0030 210 3242306
Email: info@pegasusgreece.com